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Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory was founded by Prof. Toshio ABOSHI in 1950 when "Soil Mechanics" was started to be provided as an independent subject. Then, Prof. Hirokazu MONDEN (appointed in 1979) and Prof. Hiroshi YOSHIKUNI (appointed in 1988) established the initial laboratory system.

Following the dawn of the laboratory, Prof. Osamu KUSAKABE (1991~1997), Prof. Yasushi SASAKI (1995~2005)、Assoc. Prof. Hirotaka SOKOBIKI (1992~1995), Assoc. Prof. Takeo MORIWAKI (1993~2003), Assist. Prof. Shinji IKEGAMI (1990~1995), Assist. Prof. (1990~1995)、Assist. Prof. Sukh Bahdur GURUNG (1995~1998), and Assist. Prof. Seiji KANO (1998~2011) were appointed. The laboratory was renamed from "Soil Mechanics" to "Geotechnical Engineering" in 2001, and the new system was started by Prof. Yasushi SASAKI, Assoc. Prof. Takeo MORIWAKI, and Assist. Prof. Seiji KANO.

After renaming, Prof. Takashi TSUCHIDA (2003~2019), Assoc. Prof. Koji ICHII (2005~2017), Special Appointment Assist. Prof. A.M.R.G. Athapathth (2013~2015) were appointed. Then, currently, the laboratory is operated by Prof. Toshiro HATA (2019~) and Assoc. Prof. Ryota HASHIMOTO (2017~).


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